Council Approves Funding for the Cincinnati Streetcar

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On Monday, City Council approved $2.6 million to complete the engineering and design work on the Cincinnati Streetcar and continue to move this critical project forward. Speakers in favor of the Streetcar outnumbered opponents 15 to 1.

At the meeting Councilman Chris Bortz called the streetcar “the best project he has seen in his four years on council.” And the other councilmembers who voted in support, Berding, Cole, Qualls, Quinliven and Thomas, all spoke highly of the system’s ability to attract new talent, create jobs, revitalize our city, and make the the city safer by putting more eyes on the street. The Cincinnati Streetcar is closer than ever to becoming a reality and benefiting generations of Cincinnatians to come.  Support our City’s Future–Build the Streetcar.

UrbanCincy has more on the meeting here.


One thought on “Council Approves Funding for the Cincinnati Streetcar

    Alex said:
    April 20, 2010 at 10:05 pm

    I came from Europe with lots of street cars, trams, subways etc and I do know all the advantages of such a transportation to just a car. Americans need to leave their cars and start using public transportation. No parking , no drviving … I wish we had enough of carstreets to connect all the cities and villages of cinci and its suburbs. It will be total blessing to get whenever you want without actually driving a car ! You may decide you dont need a car after all!

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