Stay Involved

An easy way to help the cause is to write to your local representatives about how streetcars are vital to Cincinnati’s continued success and how your vote depends upon their support.  You can also write in to your local paper about how streetcars in Cincinnati will improve your life personally or how streetcars overall are a great idea for the Queen City.

Get Connected:

You continued involvement is imperative to the success of streetcars and other rail transit in Cincinnati.  Come back and visit this site, and its friends (see CincyStreetcar Supporters), for the most up-to-date information regarding Cincinnati’s streetcar plan and open discussion on the topics at hand.  You can also subscribe to the Alliance for Regional Transit’s newsletter (ask to be added to be included in the newsletter) that sends out information briefs about all transit related items in Cincinnati and how we’re stacking up against the rest of the country.

The Cincinnati Streetcar Facebook Page (become a fan today) also keeps everyone up-to-date with the latest newsletters from the Alliance for Regional Transit, and offers a unique opportunity to network with others who are passionate about the success and implementation of streetcars in Cincinnati.