Let’s Not Be Left Behind

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This map shows the cities around the country that are building or planning streetcar lines.

From the Infrastucturist
From the Infrastucturist

This map illustrates two important things.

First, all around the country, cities are investing in urban transit. It isn’t just a West Coast phenomena or something happening only in Portland–over 30 cities are pursuing streetcars.

But in our region Cincinnati is the only city pursuing streetcars. Looking at this map, Cincinnati is the only city south of Detroit, west of Philadelphia, east of Milwaukee, and north of Atlanta that is planning a streetcar system.  For a city that has a reputation for being chronically behind the times, we are the only city in the region that is close to constructing a streetcar system.

A modern streetcar system would be an amenity that Cincinnati could offer, but our peer cities like Louisville, Indianapolis and Columbus could not. The streetcar and the vibrant urban neighborhoods it helps to create gives people who want to live in those neighborhoods other reason to choose Cincinnati. Make Cincinnati More Competitive–Build the Streetcar.


One thought on “Let’s Not Be Left Behind

    Randy Simes said:
    May 31, 2009 at 9:12 am

    Great point, we have to realize who are competitors are and make ourselves as attractive as possible. The city of Cincinnati is not and should not be competing with West Chester Township or the city of Mason. Instead, the city of Cincinnati should be making itself a better option than places like Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Columbus, Cleveland and Indianapolis. The streetcar will certainly help to do that.

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