Officials debate the Eastern Corridor project on WVXU’s Cincinnati Edition

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While it sometimes may feel this way, the Cincinnati Streetcar project is not the only transportation project taking place in the city or region. Another massive project is the multi-modal Eastern Corridor program.

Officials in charge of that program envision it eventually including bike/ped components, busways, heavy rail commuter service, and the ever-wonderful highway!!! It’s projected to cost at least $1.4 billion and is being pursued jointly by Hamilton County, OKI Regional Council of Governments, and the Ohio DOT.

Naturally the project has its proponents and opponents. The proponents think it will reduce commute times for people living in the eastern suburbs as they travel to and from Cincinnati. Meanwhile opponents think it is too environmentally and historically damaging, an outdated solution to a modern problem, too costly, and takes the wrong approach to providing passenger rail service to Cincinnati’s eastern suburbs.

On the Sunday, August 4th show of Cincinnati Edition on WVXU, host Maryanne Zeleznik was joined by Hamilton County Traffic Engineer Ted Hubbard, Village of Mariemont Vice Mayor Joe Steltzer, and the Cincinnati Enquirer‘s Transportation/Economic Development Report Jason Williams (read his editorial on the project) to discuss the project.

The interview lasts approximately 50 minutes and thoroughly discusses its history, present day status, and the merits of project. You can listen to the interview for free on WVXU’s website, or stream it below.

Eastern Corridor Project

Pete Witte and John Schneider discuss the streetcar on WVXU’s Cincinnati Edition

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John Schneider is getting more and more popular. Fresh off radio appearances on 700WLW and 55KRC, he was invited to discuss transit and streetcars with Price Hill business owner Pete Witte on WVXU.

The two discussed the project with host Mark Perzel on the Cincinnati Edition show from 2-3pm today.

The discussion ranges from the current status of the project to where the next phases of streetcar and light rail work may go next. Some of the items brought up by John were similar to what he brought up on his previous radio appearances, but the group also discussed some different aspects of the project.

The show included one of the more reasonable discussions on the topic to-date. Pete Witte shared his skepticisms about the project, and shared his desires for a larger system that connects people with “jobs and books”.

The interview is split up into two segments that last a total of about 30 minutes.

Part One:

Part Two: