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First streetcar tracks for phase one to be installed in October

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Elm_StThe first streetcar tracks are planned to be installed this October along Elm Street in front of Music Hall. The Business Courier reports that this is a month ahead of schedule. The City of Cincinnati, meanwhile, notes that this work will cause some traffic restrictions.

Construction for the Cincinnati Streetcar’s track bed will require removal of stone pavers* along Elm Street for cleaning & storage, affecting the section of road between Music Hall and Washington Park.

Elm Street will be reduced to one lane between 12th and 14th streets beginning Monday, Sept. 16.

The left-hand lane will remain open, and traffic will be maintained. (A “taper” funneling traffic to the left lane will begin just south of 12th Street.)

The Elm Street entrance to the Washington Park Garage will remain open at this time.

Also, as we explained in last week’s newsletter, 14th Street will be closed between Central Parkway and Race Street for sewer work.

City officials say that the pavers along Elm Street will be removed during construction of the tracks, and then replaced as part of the final product. So no need to fear…the lovely cobblestone section of Elm Street will remain.

Phase one of the Cincinnati Streetcar already adding jobs to center city

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Hundreds of new residents have been buying condos and renting new apartments along the phase one route of the Cincinnati Streetcar, but office tenants are also starting to flock to the line, according to a story from the Business Courier this week.

Randy Simes reports that the owners of Over-the-Rhine’s historic Hanke Building have seen an uptick in occupancy rates, over the past three years, from 28% in 2010 to 84% now! These owners don’t just own the Hanke Building, but a collection of four other buildings in the Main Street area, and say that they are excited for the streetcar’s arrival.

Get the full details by checking out the story online!

Hanke Building photograph by Flickr user taestell.
Hanke Building photograph by Flickr user taestell.

Hundreds attend second monthly Streetcar Social at Rhinegeist

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Last night was great! It was the second monthly Streetcar Social hosted by Cincinnatians for Progress.

Mayor Mallory at Streetcar Social

Around 200 streetcar supporters, including Cincinnati Mayor Mallory and several City Council members, showed up to Rhinegeist to socialize and learn more about the current status of the project.

One thing that Mayor Mallory discussed was the maintenance operation facility, which will be built just around the corner from Rhinegeist at Henry Street and Race Street. He revealed that work would soon begin on the facility and informed us all that it will be called the Center of Advanced Streetcar Technology, or COAST for short. 🙂

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