Cincinnati Streetcar Development Partners to Build the Streetcar

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Cincinnati Streetcar Development Partners LLC, an Ohio limitied liability company, was selected as the developer of the streetcar for Cincinnati.

Somewhere Over the Rhine and UrbanCincy have great coverage of the press conference.

Additionally the City of Cincinnati has a new streetcar webpage.

Modern Streetcars in Motion

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Here is a video of Modern Streetcars in Operation in Portland, Oregon.

How Smooth is the Ride on a Modern Streetcar?

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According to Jake Mecklenborg who recently took a trip out to Seattle and Portland, “Totally smooth. Less vibration and less noise than the tram at Cincinnati’s airport. The other thing is when you’re at a stop, there is no noise whatsoever aside from the chatter of other passengers since the motors turn off. No squeaking brakes, no surge when it accelerates.”