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If you like the project updates we share with you from the City of Cincinnati, then you might be interested in signing up directly for the city’s mailing list.

We post these updates directly on our site for your convenience, but it may be of value to sign up to ensure you never miss a beat. We certainly think the updates are thorough and informative…and a great way to stay informed about the status of the project.

You can sign up for these alerts by visiting the city’s newsletter webpage and selecting that you would like to receive ‘Cincinnati Streetcar Updates’. Of course you could also sign-up for other city newsletters, but you don’t have to.

The city sends out only one of these emails per week (each Friday), so don’t be afraid of your inbox getting flooded with a bunch of additional emails.

Cincinnati Streetcar Virtual Tour

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Queen City Discovery presents a Virtual Tour of the Cincinnati Streetcar: Re-Launches with New Focus, Design

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Two years after its initial launch the website has been re-launched with a new focus and design.  The new site features expanded multi-media content, links to the various studies on Cincinnati Streetcar, updated route maps, and a gallery of supporters.

“We wanted to broaden the scope of the site,” says Brad Thomas, the founder of  “Initially this project began as an initiative of the Mayor’s Young Professional Kitchen Cabinet, but we want to make clear that the streetcar benefits all the residents of Cincinnati, everyone from young families to the elderly.”  Charles Schaser, a Price Hill resident who has been involved in the streetcar effort agrees streetcars are an important part of the City’s future.  “Around the country, streetcars are proven tools of economic development.  Where the tracks go, new development follows,” Schaser says.

The new site features links to the numerous studies that have been conducted on the streetcar and details the benefits of investing in the Cincinnati Streetcar.  “Tom Luken, one of the leaders of the Anti-Passenger Rail Charter Amendment, speaking to the Enquirer about streetcar advocates said ‘They’ve got an answer for everything,’” says Thomas, “He’s right, the streetcar has been thoroughly studied and you can find the answers at” would like to thank all those who have donated their time and resources to the streetcar campaign, especially The Hodges Law Group and Mr. & Mrs. Charles Prince & Family for providing financial and technical support. Visit the updated site here.