CityBeat Highlights Top 10 Misrepresentations About the Cincinnati Streetcar

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CityBeat StreetcarNow that the funding situation for phase one of the streetcar system and above-ground construction is imminent, CityBeat has decided to look back upon the years of debate over the project and highlight its top ten misrepresentations.

Check out the full story from German Lopez to read his explanations about each one of the following points.

  1. Streetcar funds could have been used to save police and firefighter jobs.
  2. The project is way too expensive.
  3. The project’s problems come from outside sources.
  4. The streetcar hasn’t increased taxes.
  5. The streetcar won’t foster economic development.
  6. Buses are just as good as streetcars.
  7. The streetcar really doesn’t go far enough.
  8. Humans can outwalk the streetcar.
  9. The streetcar can’t go uphill.
  10. The streetcar will be full of scary black guys with guns.

You can also read the full feature story in the latest print edition of CityBeat, so head out to your nearest coffee shop and flip through a copy.

You can also learn more about what streetcars are and are not by reading through our information page, or by checking out the City of Cincinnati’s FAQ page. You could also submit questions to us at and we’ll work to get the answers for you, if we don’t have them already.

It’s been a long and tumultuous path for us thus far, but it is almost all behind us now. It’s too bad there was so much misinformation spread along the way, but we certainly did our best to try to provide accurate information regarding the project.

Now, let’s get phase one running and start working on future phases to more of Cincinnati’s great neighborhoods!