What do America’s Top Ten Cities Have in Common?

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Outside Magazine published this list of America’s Top Ten Cites.  One thing they all have in common—Streetcars.  Every city on the list is either operating or in the planning stages for a streetcar system.  Do great cities build streetcars, or do streetcars build great cities? Or both?

Albuquerque, New Mexico: Advanced Planning for a Streetcar

Atlanta, Georgia: Operates Heavy Rail, Advanced Planning for a Streetcar

Austin, Texas: Operates Commuter Rail, Planning Streetcar

Boston, Massachusetts: Operates Subway and Streetcar

Charlotte, North Carolina: Operates Light Rail, Constructing a Streetcar

Cincinnati, Ohio: Planning a Streetcar

Colorado Springs, Colorado: Preliminary Planning for a Streetcar

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Operates Light Rail, Planning a Streetcar

Portland, Oregon: Operates Light Rail and Streetcar

Seattle, Washington: Operates Light Rail and Streetcar