After the Fireworks

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These pictures were taken of Government Square at around 10:30 pm, an hour after the fireworks had concluded. As expected there was a large demand on the public transportation system.  The Cincinnati Streetcar would have alleviated this congestion [Please forgive the cell phone camera quality of the pictures].

Zone A of Gov't Square.

Zone C of Govt Square
Zone C of Gov't Square
Zone B- The Bus to UC
Zone B- The Bus to UC
Zone B
Zone B

These pictures were taken an hour after the fireworks.  A lot of people aren’t going to make it on the buses pictured and will have to wait even longer.  A streetcar that carries nearly 200 passengers and runs frequently will make riding public transportation easier for the City, it will make coming Downtown easier, and the new economic development created by the streetcar will help all 52 neighborhoods.

What’s the Best Way to Get 150 UC Students Home from the Fireworks?

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We have previously examined the difficulties of large groups of UC students wanting to use public transportation to go a Bengals game.  What if the same 150 students wanted to take the bus back to UC from the fireworks?  As in the previous post, we will assume that any public transportation that comes to pick up the students will be about ¼ full (probably a low estimate as the streetcar and buses would be busy after the fireworks).

The first firework goes off at 9:05pm and the show lasts about 30 minutes.  Google estimates a 16 minute walk from Yeatman’s Cove back to Government Square, which doesn’t account for fighting the crowd.

If the students are lucky, the first group will catch the 9:50pm bus, a 17, but given the crowds that seems unlikely they will make it up to government square in time. (Even without the crowds, they would probably be late).

If the Students arrive at Government Square at around 10pm, the first bus to UC, a 17, will come at 10:20pm. Around 35 students would add to those currently on the bus and fill it to capacity.  This group would be back in their dorms studying away by 10:35pm.

The second bus, a 46, would arrive at 10:35pm, and would fill to capacity.  This group makes it home before 11pm.

The third bus, a 17, would arrive at 10:55pm, after the students had been waiting for almost an hour.

The fourth bus and the fifth bus, a 17 and 46 both arrive at 11:50pm.  This group of students will make it back after midnight.   Hopefully there aren’t many other students, who weren’t a part of this 150 that thought the fireworks were a good idea, because there is only one more bus that runs from Government Square to UC for them to catch.

After Cincinnati invests in a streetcar and it begins operations, the students would walk about 10 minutes to Main and Freedom way, wait about ten minutes (maybe less if a streetcar was approaching when they arrive), would all board the same streetcar, and return to UC.

Building the Cincinnati Streetcar will make it easier to take transit between some of our densest neighborhoods, neighborhoods where parking comes at a premium.  A Streetcar will boost transit ridership, introduce new riders to public transportation and create jobs in our center city—helping all 52 neighborhoods by growing our tax base. Make Riding Transit Easier—Build the Streetcar

Take the Streetcar to Riverfest and Save on Parking

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Every Labor Day Weekend half a million people flock to the Ohio River to watch the Fireworks.  With this many people attending, access and parking are always a concern.  Free parking nearby is hard to come by, especially because there is no on-street parking allowed south of Court Street.

The Cincinnati Streetcar will help Cincinnatians save money by parking on-street north of Court and riding the streetcar to the Riverfront to see the fireworks.  Or by parking in a garage further away, spectators can save money as well.  After the fireworks are over, hundreds of people can quickly and easily board the Streetcar and avoid the traffic headaches on the east and west streets leading the highways.  Making going Downtown more convenient means more visitors Downtown and a stronger urban core.  Save Money on Parking–Build the Streetcar.

Streetcars Mean More and Better Public Transportation

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Opponents of public transportation are claiming that supporting the streetcar is an act of snobbery.  The reality couldn’t be further from the truth.  Streetcars will bring more and better public transportation to Cincinnati and serve a route where 48.2% of the population lives in households without an automobile. There is nothing snobbish about advocating for more and better quality transportation for the Citizens of Cincinnati.

Streetcars attract more riders than buses because they provide a higher quality of service. Streetcars cost more up front than buses because they provide higher quality transportation; you get what you pay for. For operational costs they spread the driver’s salary over 150+ people instead of 30 or 40. And, properly maintained, they last forever.

Dinner at Jean-Ro Bistro costs more than a cheese coney; Christian Moerlein costs more than Natural Light—you get what you pay for. Bearcat Football tickets cost more than the Bengals… okay well maybe not everything works this way, but most things do.

Would anyone ever suggest that choosing to take higher quality roads is snobbery?

  • “Don’t be a snob, take the Reading Rd. all the way to Mason instead of I-71.”
  • “Don’t be a snob, take 2nd Street instead of Fort Washington Way.”
  • “Don’t be a snob, use the Brent Spence Bridge until it falls into the river instead of replacing it.”
  • “Don’t be a snob, drive slower instead of filling in those potholes.”
  • “Don’t be a snob, buy a car without air conditioning.”
  • “Don’t be a snob, fly only in propeller-driven airplanes instead of jets.”

Of course not.

The low floors and wide open layout of the Modern Streetcar makes it easy for parents with strollers to use
The low floors and wide open layout of the Modern Streetcar makes it easy for parents with strollers to use

adapted from an earlier post