KC and Detroit are looking to piggyback on Cincinnati’s streetcar order

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If you haven’t heard yet, Cincinnati’s streetcar vehicles are going to be top of the line and will be the best found in North America once in operation.

The streetcar vehicles currently in use, or recently ordered in other cities, are an older generation. One of the main functional differences riders will notice is all level-boarding doors – four to be exact. Streetcar vehicles in other cities only have two level-boarding doors, with a third door requiring passengers to go up two steps.

What this means is that the Cincinnati Streetcar system will be the most ADA friendly system in North America. It will be easier for the disabled, the elderly, people with strollers, and bicyclists to use the system. It’s an obvious advantage for CIncinnati and others have taken notice.

Since placing our streetcar vehicle order with CAF, both Kansas City and now Detroit have announced that they would like to get in on the same order. This will help all parties save money and ensure that riders in Detroit and KC have equally impressive operating systems.

Cincinnati’s five initial streetcar vehicles are being built now. Details regarding the vehicle’s color scheme and interior designs are expected to be announced soon.

Just ask Atlanta, smart infrastructure projects pay off

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By now we should all know that well-planned infrastructure projects can have a tremendously positive impact on our communities. Since phase one of the Cincinnati Streetcar system was announced, billions of dollars have been invested along the route.

Now not all of this can be attributed to the streetcar project, but some of it certainly can, and we haven’t even started laying track down yet. New residents and business owners continue to come out and tell us how the promise of the Cincinnati Streetcar is helping drive their investment in our city center.

It’s no different just 7 hours south along I-75 in Atlanta where the promise of the Atlanta BeltLine project has been driving private investment.

For those of you who might be unfamiliar with the Atlanta BeltLine project, it is a multi-modal transportation and recreation project circling Atlanta’s inner-city neighborhoods. The final product will eventually include streetcars and light rail, bike/ped trails, parks, and what local leaders hope is a slew of private mixed-use development focused around transit and walkability.

So far project leaders can only celebrate the completion of four parks, 5.5 miles of paved bike/ped paths, and 6.5 miles of unpaved “interim” paths.

But hey, don’t just take our word for it…Jim?