Phase one of the Cincinnati Streetcar already adding jobs to center city

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Hundreds of new residents have been buying condos and renting new apartments along the phase one route of the Cincinnati Streetcar, but office tenants are also starting to flock to the line, according to a story from the Business Courier this week.

Randy Simes reports that the owners of Over-the-Rhine’s historic Hanke Building have seen an uptick in occupancy rates, over the past three years, from 28% in 2010 to 84% now! These owners don’t just own the Hanke Building, but a collection of four other buildings in the Main Street area, and say that they are excited for the streetcar’s arrival.

Get the full details by checking out the story online!

Hanke Building photograph by Flickr user taestell.
Hanke Building photograph by Flickr user taestell.

John Schneider joins Scott Sloan on 700WLW to discuss streetcars

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Long-time bus rider and streetcar proponent, John Schneider, joined Scott Sloan on 700WLW AM last week to discuss the status of the Cincinnati Streetcar project, and how phase one will move forward from here.

The show aired on Thursday, June 27 and John spoke with Scott for about 20 minutes. They discussed everything from financing for the project, ongoing operations, comparisons of the project to other cities, and how the project might change the psychology of the city.

Following the conversation with John, the host then proceeded to discuss the project from a personal level and then took some calls from people with thoughts about the project. The ensuing conversation ranged from everything from the Riverfront Transit Center, stadium sales tax deal, progress in and around the center city, to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.

More – That’s what Cincinnati can be with the Streetcar

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This message is a guest post from the City of Cincinnati

Cincinnati is changing for the better. We’ve made important decisions to improve our city for decades to come. From the Banks to Washington Park, Bond Hill to Price Hill, we’re creating more livable places to attract a vital mix of enthusiastic people who will enrich our city.

Now imagine even more. More people, more services, more jobs, more safety and more money. That’s where the Cincinnati Streetcar comes in.

Watch and share this video about how the Streetcar will help to repopulate the city, creating new jobs and new tax revenues to support public services for all of Cincinnati. The Streetcar will give Cincinnati a competitive advantage unique in the Midwest.

Mayor, City Manager Announce Highlighting of Streetcar Station Locations

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Today individual streetcar stations along the route began receiving signs to highlight their locations. Watch as Mayor Mark Mallory, City Manager Milton Dohoney, Jr., Metro CEO Terry Garcia Crews, and small business owner Kalika Crawford discuss the importance of the Streetcar and unwrap the first sign at the station at 8th & Main Streets.

Streetcar News Conference from CitiCable on Vimeo.