City Accepting Proposals for Streetcar Vehicle

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The City of Cincinnati is now accepting proposals to build the streetcar vehicle, another forward step on the path of building a modern streetcar system to bring jobs and growth to the city. With publication of this Request For Proposals, or RFP, manufacturers now have until late October to submit their proposals. After final proposals are submitted, the City will select the best entry in early 2012. The City is considering both vehicles that rely on a single overhead wire for power, and those that are hybrids, also running on battery power.

While the current plan for the streetcar will be expanded once funds become available, the initial segment of the Streetcar will use five vehicles. When the system eventually extends to the Banks, the University of Cincinnati and hospitals in Uptown, more vehicles will be needed.

The streetcars will provide easy access to bicycles, wheelchairs and strollers because of its sidewalk-level floors and extending ramps. It will have multiple doors on each side for easy right or left side entry.

The comfortable, permanent transportation option of the streetcar will attract many of the people who work in the city, but live elsewhere, to move back to Cincinnati and invest in its future.

Work to relocate many utilities along the streetcar line is still set to begin in the fall of 2011 at a date still to be determined.


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