Entrepreneur Locates Dress Shop to OTR Because of Cincinnati Streetcar

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Ask Lindsey Lusignolo why she supports the Cincinnati Streetcar and you may begin to understand why so many small business owners are interested in storefronts along the route.

Lusignolo is excited about the awareness that the streetcar will bring to Cincinnati’s urban core and the positive economic impact it will have for the businesses located there. “Because I went to high school in the area, I already felt a tie to the community,” said Lusignolo. “I chose to bring my shop to Over-The-Rhine because I wanted to be part of the progressive movement that is currently taking place here, and I am excited about the steady foot traffic that the streetcar will bring to my store.”

Lusignolo, executive designer and owner of her self-titled couture dress shop on Main St., in Over-The-Rhine, could have taken her business anywhere. Many designers would have opted for New York, or even one of the more prominent bridal districts in the Greater Cincinnati Area. Not Lusignolo. Being a visionary, she was able to see the revitalization that is taking place in Cincinnati’s Over-The-Rhine.

Listen to Lindsey discuss her support for the Cincinnati Streetcar by clicking Cincinnati Streetcar Youtube Channel.

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