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OTR Chamber Discusses the Streetcar

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Streetcar Speeds Much Faster than Average Walker

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The Cincinnati Enquirer has this story stating the 6.7 miles per hour (‘mph’) average speed of the streetcar will be “only slightly faster than a very brisk walk.” The reality, however, is that 6.7 mph is much faster than the speed of the average walker.

According to a recent study, the average walking speed observed in an urban area of similar size to Cincinnati was 3.3 miles per hour for pedestrians under 60 years old and 2.9 miles per hour for those over 60. Even for the faster group, the observed speeds were under half the speed of the streetcar.

To put things in perspective, a 6.7 mph pace would translate into an 8:57 mile. If one were to enter the Flying Pig Marathon and run it at an 8:57 mile pace, they would finish in the top 20% of the field. To say that someone who finished in the top 20% of the Flying Pig finished the race running “only slightly faster than a very brisk walk” is laughable.

Accurate information, not sensationalism, is what is needed for understanding the Cincinnati Streetcar and why it will be beneficial to our City. would like to thank all of those readers who continue to come to this site to be informed and educated about this transformative project.

Cincinnati Transit Map Launch: Monday 5/23 at the CAC

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Nate Wessel – ‘citizen activist’ for transportation in Cincinnati – took on a project this year with the help of kickstarterto simplify our city’s transit system and make it more accessible with a newly designed frequent transit guide for Cincinnati.

Join Nate, Colin Groth (Government Relations Director for Metro), Brad Thomas (Founder and moderator Peter Chamnberlain (Assistant Professor of Industrial Design, DAAP) for a discussion and launch at the Contemporary Arts Center Monday, May 23rd.

Find out the inspiration for this project, the aspirations for future transit in Cincinnati and check out the freshly printed maps!

Monday May 23, Contemporary Arts Center at Sixth and Walnut.

5:30 pm Doors Open, Cash bar
6:30 pm Discussion with Nate Wessel, Colin Groth, Brad Thomas and moderator Peter Chamberlain

Free and open to the public.