Tallest Building to Open a Block From Streetcar Line

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Today at 1:11pm Queen City Square, Cincinnati’s new tallest building, will formally open, making it the tallest office building in the country to open this year.  One block away from the Cincinnati Streetcar, the new tallest building will be a icon in our cityscape for decades to come.

Downtown offices, the region’s largest employment center, will be well served by the Cincinnati Streetcar. With the opening of this new tower, 16 of 18 of downtown’s Class A office buildings will be within three blocks of the streetcar line.  The proposed office tower at the Banks, 100 Walnut, will be located directly on the line as well.

The large number of office workers downtown will ensure the streetcar will remain busy throughout the day. Workers can take the streetcar to appointments and meetings, go to lunch, or save on parking by riding the streetcar from a more remote lot. And with the increasing number of residents and events downtown, the streetcar will remain busy well into the night.

Despite the economic downturn, our city is moving forward. New investments like the Banks, the Cincinnati Streetcar, a revitalized Washington Park, Queen City Square will create jobs and help our city come out of the recovery strong.


One thought on “Tallest Building to Open a Block From Streetcar Line

    t-storm said:
    January 11, 2011 at 3:39 pm

    Someone on the Enquirer website commented something to the effect “Notice it’s not on the streetcar line, I guess even they didn’t want to be associated with it”.

    People are so quick to judge and hate the streetcar and completely ignore all of the data that shows it’ll be a good thing.

    I can’t wait for the banks and streetcar to be up and running. I wish the Banks would have more local establishments, though (And not just skyline or larosas).

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