GoOhio Report: Streetcar to Create New Jobs

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The Ohio Department of Transportation has released the GoOhio Report. ODOT describes the report as “a new way to prioritize investments that will bring Ohio the greatest return on transportation investment. ODOT is the first state transportation department in the U.S. to develop this type of economy-focused, data-driven approach to multi-modal transportation investment in targeted industries.”

The Cincinnati Streetcar is listed as one of the transportation investments:

A 4.9-mile loop will connect University of Cincinnati students and neighborhoods with Downtown, creating 1,800 short-term and 9,000 permanent jobs, and an estimated $1.4 billion in new development. The streetcar is part of a larger strategy to make Cincinnati more walkable, vibrant –and easier to get around.

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One thought on “GoOhio Report: Streetcar to Create New Jobs

    Loki said:
    January 10, 2011 at 12:23 pm

    This does happen. I watched it firsthand in New Orleans a few years before Katrina. Not only did it create jobs while they were running the Canal St. line but it also spurred an economic renaissance along it’s path once running.

    Shops, bars, restaurants, and more came and within a year of the new streetcar coming to the neighborhood the improvements were palpable.

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