Month: January 2011

Video: Streetcar Presentation at Ignite Cincinnati

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Brad Thomas discusses how the Cincinnati Streetcar will create jobs, expand Cincinnati’s tax base, and make our city a better place to live.


Local Business Plans Expansion Along Streetcar Line

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Even before construction has begun, the Cincinnati Streetcar is spurring development and job creation along the line. From this week’s Soapbox:

Jean-Francois Flechet has spent the last four years growing his business, A Taste of Belgium; The Authentic Waffle, from a single waffle iron in a produce stand at Findlay Market to four locations and 30 employees in two cities.

In May, the native of Belgium will move his headquarters from Findlay Market to 12th and Vine Streets in Over-the-Rhine, establishing his fifth location. From there, he plans to branch out and begin licensing the business he built on a recipe that has become a fixture at markets and events around Cincinnati…

“Once the streetcar stops at the Freedom Center you can get a waffle there, you can stop at 12th and Vine and get a waffle, and you can go to Findlay Market and get a waffle,” he said. “So whenever it gets the funds to go to Clifton, we’ll put another one at the stop there.”

[Editor’s Note: upon being informed the Cincinnati Streetcar already has the funding to go to Clifton in the first phase, Mr. Flechet responded “I better get ready to open a another location. The waffles are coming to UC!”]

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Image: Scott Bessler of Soapbox


Streetcar Projects 3-to-1 ROI in Local Economic Development

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Today’s guest blog post is from the City of Cincinnati:

The Cincinnati Streetcar project is anticipated to stimulate the local economy by attracting more businesses, new jobs and advanced revenue into the urban core and Greater Cincinnati economy. For every $1 spent, the City is projected to see $3 in return to the local economy.

In addition, 1,800 jobs are predicted to result from the construction of the Cincinnati Streetcar alone, and an estimated 9,000 jobs could be created over the next 20 years.

Studies indicate that development along the streetcar’s route will result in approximately $1.4 billion in economic impact. Residents could see impact in more than 1,100 new housing units, and businesses are estimated to benefit from 92 acres of land likely to be converted into 7.4 million square feet of new office and retail space.

All city neighborhoods will benefit from new jobs and residents paying general earnings.

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Mt. Auburn Chamber of Commerce Supports the Streetcar

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Below is a letter from the Mt. Auburn Chamber of Commerce to City Council:

Dear City of Cincinnati Council Members,

Thank you for your continued commitment to the Cincinnati Streetcar Project, despite recent criticism. Your ability to think and plan for the future of our city and its mass transit needs—while those with a vested interest in changing these plans try to wear you down—is commendable. Future Cincinnatians will be grateful for your foresight and unwillingness to back down against a vociferous minority.

As President of the Mt. Auburn Chamber of Commerce, I represent the views of over 50 community businesses and their leaders — businesses as diverse as The Christ Hospital, God’s Bible School & College, TV Channels 5 & 12, the National Park Service, and Taft Elementary School. Our businesses have been active participants in the committee meetings leading up to the passage of decisions about the Streetcar Project. Our members are unified in their support of the streetcar. We believe that Cincinnati is a great city, but by the same token, we do not believe there are many great cities in the world that have not invested in mass transit (subway, streetcars, light rail) to accommodate the masses of people who come to work, live and travel there.

Several members of our Mt. Auburn Chamber have visited other cities like Portland, Oregon, that have already developed streetcars and are reaping the economic gains derived from the streetcars. It is impressive to see entire neighborhoods where residential, retail and other commercial businesses are springing to life as a result of the streetcar line.

Because we all have to balance our own institutions’ budgets, Mt. Auburn business leaders can discern the difference between “capital” funds and “operating” funds. The fact that the public doesn’t understand this difference is unfortunate. The fact that people who do understand the difference in these funds, but confuse the public to gamer more support for their position, is lamentable. As we have recently seen, based on our new governor’s position on the 3C rapid transit line, the $600 million that would have come to Ohio to bring jobs and businesses to our people and state will now be split up and given to three other states. Please don’t let that happen in Cincinnati!

The Cincinnati Streetcar Project will provide jobs and an economic boost to the neighborhoods it serves. It will infuse the downtown and uptown areas with new life, new jobs, and new sources of revenue. It will help Cincinnati attain a well-deserved reputation as a great city in which to live, work and vacation.

Thank you for maintaining your support for the Streetcar Project.



Holly D. Dorna

President, Mt. Auburn Chamber of Commerce.