Month: December 2010

The City of Cincinnati’s New Streetcar Website

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The City of Cincinnati has updated their Streetcar Website.  The most up to date Cincinnati Streetcar information is available here.

Funding Sources for the Cincinnati Streetcar



Video: Streetcars Drive Growth, Renewal

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Local Business to Expand Along Streetcar Line

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The Cincinnati Streetcar will benefit all of Cincinnati’s 52 Neighborhoods by creating jobs and economic development along the line. These new jobs will expand the tax base and increase the resources available to our City.

Even before the first track has been laid, local businesses like Mayberry Foodstuffs and Daisy Mae’s are expanding their operations along the streetcar line, creating new jobs in our City. From the Business Courier:

Barry Cooper, who owns Daisy Mae’s Market with his brother Jeff, said he purchased the three-story building at 107 W. Elder St. Dec. 20 for $51,000… 

“It’s a good hub to build around, that’s why we’re putting our money into it,” Cooper said.

The two-year plan for the building is to find a retailer to operate in the buildings store front, which is about 30 feet away from the proposed Cincinnati streetcar route at Race Street.