City Awarded Federal Funding for Streetcar Planning

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The City of Cincinnati was selected to receive a $2.4 million grant through a joint program sponsored by the Department of Transportation and Housing and Urban Development. This grant will be used for planning transit oriented development along the streetcar line, and will allow the City to adopt land use policies that will help the Cincinnati Streetcar reach its fullest potential.

From WOIO:

The City of Cincinnati will be awarded $2,400,000. Cincinnati will update its Unified Development Code to reflect the goals of the Comprehensive Plan, currently under development. The Code will designate more land area for higher density and mixed-use development through inclusionary development-by-right regulations. The Code will also include a Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) and Form-Based Code, incorporate the principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, incorporate LEED-ND, include airport overlays, and establish site plan reviews. The project will undertake a demonstration project of TOD and inclusionary zoning regulations with the development of a new $128 million street car route.

Read the rest here.


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