Safest Place in OTR? A Bus Stop

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A common argument made in the comments section on the Enquirer’s website is that the streetcar will not be successful because Over-the-Rhine is too dangerous and riders waiting for the streetcar will be victims of crime.

Sheriff Simon Leis wrote in his op-ed supporting the streetcar:

I disagree with those who say streetcar riders will be sitting ducks for crime. Our Metro buses go from Uptown to Downtown through Over-the-Rhine all the time without problems. Why should the streetcar be different?

As long as the streetcar is heavily used throughout the day and night it will be safe. Because the route connects jobs, housing, schools and entertainment, this seems likely.

The Sheriff is correct. As the below chart shows, crime in Over-the-Rhine on Metro buses or at bus stops is exceedingly rare.

As part of its application for federal funds, the City of Cincinnati compiled a listing of the crimes that occurred on Metro buses or at bus stops along the streetcar line over a ten month period.  During this time there was not a single serious crime that occurred on a Metro bus or at one of the bus stops along the streetcar route in Over-the-Rhine.

Economic development, new jobs, and new activity are making Over-the-Rhine a much safer neighborhood.  The Cincinnati Streetcar will only accelerate this trend by connecting existing activity centers with new jobs and development along the streetcar’s route.  Support a Safer Cincinnati—Ride the Streetcar.


One thought on “Safest Place in OTR? A Bus Stop

    Quimbob said:
    October 20, 2010 at 1:26 pm

    Well, it does happen. As this report points out – it is rare.
    I met a fellow at a downtown bus stop one night who was rattled because a group in a car had thrown a bottle at him.
    Of course the criminal there was a motorist, so…..

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