Studies and Reports on the Cincinnati Streetcar

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There have been numerous studies, presentations, and reports on the Cincinnati Streetcar that explain why streetcars are good investment for the City of Cincinnati.  Here are the links to these documents:

HDR- Cincinnati Streetcar Feasibility Study

HDR- Cincinnati Streetcar Economic Impact Study

HDR- Cincinnati Streetcar TIGER II Benefit to Cost Analysis

Cincinnati Streetcar Environmental Assessment

Appendices to Environmental Assessment

University of Cincinnati Streetcar Study Evaluation

City of Cincinnati Streetcar Presentation

City of Cincinnati Climate Action Plan (pg. 52)

Growth and Opportunities Study of the City of  Cincinnati (pg. 61)

Agenda 360 (pg. 20)

Over The Rhine Green Preservation Study

Letters of Support for the Streetcar

2 thoughts on “Studies and Reports on the Cincinnati Streetcar

    Teresa Hoelle said:
    July 22, 2009 at 2:23 pm

    After just relocating to Charlotte, we are really impressed with how many people are taking advantage of the Lightrail / Street Cars here. They also have a free trolley car system in their uptown area. The statistics of Charlotte’s light rail ridership are already as high as they had projected them to be by 2017! Plans already in place for the expansion of the rail now too! Its great to see a city bring to life the vision Cincinnati has talked about. I hope Cincinnati can too make the streetcars a reality soon! Keep up the good word and work Brad!

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