Streetcar Phase II Planning Underway

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The Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting the City administration is planning on extending the streetcar further into Uptown:

Michael Moore, Cincinnati’s interim director of transportation and engineering, told council’s Budget and Finance Committee that even as planning for the streetcar’s first phase is continuing, City Hall already is seeking more state and federal money, some of which would be used to create “a university transit hub” around the University of Cincinnati.

“We try to get our fingers into as many places as we can,” Moore said.

The first phase’s two potential uphill routes – Vine or West Clifton streets – would take the streetcars from Over-the-Rhine only as far as Clifton Heights, on UC’s fringe. An extension that reaches deeper into the campus area and Clifton, advocates say, would make the streetcar system more easily accessible to thousands of potential riders at the university and the community’s cluster of hospitals, seen as a prime target audience.

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2 thoughts on “Streetcar Phase II Planning Underway

    Baal said:
    August 3, 2010 at 1:32 pm

    Their decision on the commuter rail project shows that these people can’t see past their nose and can’t be trusted to get it right. Before ya’ll throw a hissy fit, I support the streetcar, but it is only one part of the puzzle.

    The reason that businesses locate according to infrastructure is because they make it easier for people to get there. While the people coming from within the city might find the streetcar useful, that is not the entire population that the businesses would be targeting. Locating a business closer to an interstate off ramp will also attract people living outside the city. The local population will end up getting there if they wanted to.

    People who drive down to the city are going to park close to where they’re headed. Parking a block or two away from their destination they’ll have little need for the streetcar. People are unlikely to make multi-destination trips if they had to bring their cars to downtown. It is typical commuter behavior to park close to your destination and be hesitant to stray too far from where their cars are parked since they’d still have to get back to their cars. They’re more likely to take their cars to the next destination or avoid the destination altogether.

    Ultimately what needs to happen to make the streetcar truly successful would be to get the people to the city without their cars. The commuter rail project would achieve that, but only in concert with a local circulator like the streetcar.

    Refusing to support the commuter rail project makes this streetcar a last mile solution without the rest of the connection and ultimately cuts back its potential ridership dramatically.

    Nathan Strieter said:
    August 3, 2010 at 9:02 pm


    I could not agree with you more, that the current and future streetcar lines are only part of a transit solution for the region.

    But you are wrong. Having spoken with members of council in the past THEY DO SUPPORT COMMUTER RAIL. They saw their decision to be a strategic move to garner more federal money for the fully planned (“shovel ready”) streetcar. The Eastern Corridor project is already sitting on $20 MIL for planning which has NOT YET BEEN DONE.

    I do not fully agree with council’s move but, if it means the difference between $30 MIL in federal funds for the region, with 15 split between the two projects or something like $25 MIL only for Streetcars I say it was worth it. There are only so many grants that Streetcar projects and apply for Tiger II being one of them, and there will be many more “commuter” oriented dollars able to be had from the state and federal levels in the coming year.

    It may seem like a step backward, but it may actually be a step forward. Streetcar funding needs as much money from the remaining potential grants the city has not previously applied to. In short more money right away for the streetcar decides whether it lives or dies, while commuter rail is not near this funding homestretch.

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