Vision Cincinnati: Modern Streetcars Provide Safe, Accessible Transit for All

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From Vision Cincinnati

While they may have the same name, modern streetcars are in many ways radically different from the ones we had more than half a century ago.  Just as cars today look and work little like the cars of the early twentieth century, modern streetcars, in design and implementation, reflect the decades of technology advancement and planning innovations that have occurred since our fleet was retired.  The changes are much bigger than their shiny exteriors and modern shape; the streetcars made today are safer and more accessible for everyone…

For people with disabilities who use a wheelchair or walker, moms with strollers, or travelers with luggage, the innovations are even more important.  Today’s streetcars have small ramps that can be extended at the push of a button.  This enables people with disabilities to quickly and easily get on the streetcar without any help and with little additional boarding time.

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