NRDC- Transit Winners and Losers

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From the National Resources Defense Council Staff Blog-

Last week, federal Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced $293 million in new federal grants for major transit improvements, including new streetcars, buses, and transit facilities.  The Federal Transit Administration awarded the grants under two programs, funding six new streetcar and bus rapid transit projects (collectively $130 million) from the Federal Transit Administration’s Urban Circulator Program, and 47 additional projects to upgrade bus services and facilities ($163 million) from the FTA’s Bus and Bus Livability Program…

I’ve been following Cincinnati and, in particular, Over-the-Rhine with great interest.  I believe, as do most of my friends there, that the streetcar can be a huge boost to the economic investment that OTR needs.  The permanence of fixed-route transit (e.g., streetcar tracks) creates a long-term confidence for the business community in particular locations that cannot be matched by bus lines.  Portland’s streetcar, for example, is said to have generated some $2.8 billion in investment along its route.

Read the rest here.


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