Transportation Secretary LaHood on the Cincinnati Streetcar

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From his Fastlane Blog:

Cincinnati is another example of a promising streetcar through an urban core. Mayor Mark Mallory and the Cincinnati City Council realize that streetcars are a great engine to improve livability and drive economic development in Cincinnati’s downtown. Cincinnati’s residents and visitors don’t want to wrestle for scarce parking spaces; they don’t want to fight roadway congestion. They want to get to jobs, services, and retail stores without a hassle.

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2 thoughts on “Transportation Secretary LaHood on the Cincinnati Streetcar

    brian frank said:
    July 10, 2010 at 1:53 pm

    Has anyone appoached the Cincinati Reds about having them sponsor the streetcars and call them the Reds Express? Ideally, I’d even suggest letting someone like Mr. Castellini run the street cars

    Is there any way we can privatize the operation of the Street Cars. SORTA has such a negative reputation. The Cincinnati Reds on the the other hand are so popular with a strong brand image, millions would ride streetcars just to show their pride in the team and most likely would buy a t-shirt or hat as a souvenir. I’d sure like to see the street cars run profitably through co-marketing, special sporting event promotions, etc and just the thought of SORTA running our trolley system leaves me feeling ill .

    […] “Transportation Secretary LaHood on the Cincinnati Streetcar” from Cincinnati Streetcar Blog […]

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