Cincinnati Streetcar to Connect Growing “Backstage District”

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The Cincinnati Streetcar will tie together many of the City’s entertainment districts including The Banks, the Casino, Fountain Square, the Gateway Quarter, Short Vine and the increasingly growing Backstage District.  From the Enquirer:

Over the next six months, half a dozen new restaurants, bars, dance clubs and lounges are expected to fill retail spaces on the blocks north of Fountain Square and surrounding the performing arts center…

“Our original vision was always to redevelop the square … and have that investment and active programming continue to spill out and work its way up those main corridors of Race, Vine, Walnut and Main toward Over-the-Rhine,” says Chad Munitz, executive vice president of development for 3CDC.

By the numbers, the plan appears to be working. A 2009 pedestrian traffic study by Downtown Cincinnati Inc. showed 11.5 percent more traffic on the blocks surrounding Fountain Square from 2008 to 2009; between 6-8 pm, pedestrian traffic grew 20 percent.

Read the rest here. Connect our City’s Assets–Build the Streetcar.


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