CincyStreetcar Blog Celebrates 100,000th Visitor

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Some time earlier this morning the 100,000th visitor came to this site.  The CincyStreetcar Blog would like to thank everyone who has been supporting the Cincinnati Streetcar.


One thought on “CincyStreetcar Blog Celebrates 100,000th Visitor

    MCG said:
    May 29, 2010 at 12:50 pm

    Amazing?!?!? Maybe your projections of such a profit are similar to your assumption that all 100,000 visitors to this site are “supporters” of this project. Quite the contrary, I can see little value in this project:
    * Until someone proves that the math and projections are MORE valid that the projections that the increased sales tax that was supposed to pay for the sports complexes are doing what was projected.
    * Until someone proves that rail-based transit is significantly more productive and cost effective than an equivalent tire-based system.
    * Until someone is willing to prove, by actually using a wheel-based system over the same routes proposed for the rail system, a more fact-based plan of how many people will actually USE the rail system.

    These are relatively simple exercises that should not require a multi-million dollar study. Once this is done, and only after more clearly accurate and provable figures are available, then I will further consider. the proposal.

    In the spirit of full disclosure, I have absolutely no skin in this game. I do not live in the city. I almost never go downtown any more because, except for the Broadway Series, and a bunch of places for the 20-something crowd, I see very little attraction. I should note, though, I used to work downtown and often went downtown for entertainment when there were, for example, better shopping, movie theaters, a variety of family restaurants, etc. But, unfortunately, the current Council felt it necessary to dismantle the skywalk and all of the commerce and entertainment that was along the route. BTW, where is that LARGE Macy’s and the Nordstrom’s that was going to appear in the Fountain Square area over ten years ago?

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