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11,903,450 is the number of visitors per year to attractions along the Cincinnati Streetcar.  The wide variety of year round attractions ensures that visitors will be able to park once along the line and use ride the streetcar to shopping, dining, or nightlife or during their visit to  our urban core.  Below are number of visitors to attractions broken down by type:

  • Sports and Activities- 2,959,563
  • Fountain Square Events- 2,000,000
  • Libraries and Museums- 1,625,576
  • Festivals- 1,335,541
  • Cincinnati Zoo- 1,218,892
  • Arts Events- 940,019
  • Findlay Market- 758,053
  • Duke Energy Convention Center- 650,000
  • University of Cincinnati Sports- 415,806

These figures do not include visitors to US Bank Arena, the thousands of visitors to art galleries in Over-the-Rhine or people who visit the area solely for shopping, dining or nightlife.  In addition to the 11.9 million visitors a year that currently visit attractions along the streetcar line, new attractions will be open by the time the Cincinnati Streetcar, including:

  • Casino- 6,000,000 (proj.)
  • Central Riverfront Park- 1,100,000 (proj.)
  • Current Visitors (2009)- 11,903,450
  • Total 2012 Visitors– 19,003,450 (proj.)

By the time the Cincinnati Streetcar begins operations in 2012, the nearly 20 million visitors to our urban core will help ensure that there is strong ridership throughout the year.  Support our Urban Core–Build the Streetcar.

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