The Streetcar Will Be Great For: The Banks

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The Enquirer has this story about the progress that is being made on the Banks.  This $800 million dollar project has the potential to be a new front door for our City, and the Cincinnati Streetcar, in addition to spurring new development along its route, will help make sure the Banks is a success.  The Cincinnati Streetcar will make the Banks better for:

  • Residents at the Banks.  The Banks will have hundreds of residential units and the Streetcar will help make these units more attractive.  A couple living at the Banks can get rid of one car and its several thousand dollars in yearly ownership costs by taking the Streetcar.  Someone living at the Banks can take the Streetcar to Findlay Market on Saturday to do their grocery shopping or visit the library on Sunday, without ever needing to get in an automobile.
  • Residents along the Line.  Almost one in five Cincinnatians live in neighborhoods that will be served by the streetcar.  These residents will be able to walk to the Streetcar line and take it down to see a Reds or Bengals game or visit the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center without having to pay for parking.
  • Visitors to the Central Riverfront Park. This post discusses how the Cincinnati Streetcar will help visitors to the new Central Riverfront Park.
  • Retailers.  Urban retail often has the difficulty of competing with suburban malls and big box stores that offer subsided free parking.  The Streetcar will allow the 62,163 Cincinnatians who live in neighborhoods along the line to take the streetcar to the Banks and other downtown retailers to do their shopping and not worry about having to pay to park.

  • Entertainment Venues. The Banks will be an active entertainment district.  For UC Students and those who live along the line, the Streetcar will provide a safe way of getting home after a night at the Banks—making the roads safer for everyone.
  • Suburbanites. Visitors from the suburbs will benefit as well because they can park once at the Banks and take the streetcar to their other destinations.  A family could park at the Banks, have lunch there, and then take the streetcar to a Children’s Theatre matinee at the Aronoff or a program at the Main Library.  Someone could stop at the Banks for a drink at the Moerlein Lagerhouse before taking the streetcar to see a concert on Fountain Square or a play at the Know Theatre.
  • Office Users.  54% of the jobs in the entire City of Cincinnati are in neighborhoods served by the streetcar.  Business in the new office building at the Banks, 100 Walnut, can use the streetcar to easily get to meetings at the Kroger Building or in Uptown.
  • Hotel Guests.  People from out of town staying at the hotel at the Banks can use the streetcar to visit some of our City’s best attractions.  The Cincinnati Zoo, Taft Museum, Contemporary Arts Center, Fountain Square and the new Broadway Commons Casino will all be a quick streetcar ride away.  Someone coming in from out of town might not need to rent a car if they are staying along the streetcar line.

The Cincinnati Streetcar is an effective use of City funds because it will support the investments the City has made and will continue to make in the urban core, connect our major attractions and the two largest employment centers that contain over half of the jobs in the entire City, stimulate new economic activity along the route, and enhance and accelerate existing development that is occurring in the center city. Support the Banks—Build the Streetcar.

Development Map Showing Projects Along the Streetcar Route. The Banks is Located at the South of the Line.


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