News Record: OTR a Great Asset to City

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From the News Record:

OTR is also uniquely positioned to become a model of urban sustainable living. Its designation as one of the largest urban sights on the National Registry of Historic places means its materials can be readily recycled.

Other plans like the revival of Washington Park, the presence of Findlay Market and numerous locally owned shops like Park + Vine nestled in the heart of the neighborhood, are factors that should green up and clean up the area.

Dan Korman, a UC graduate and owner of Park + Vine, the defacto headquarters of Cincinnati’s green movement, said the strength of OTR lies in the arts. Home to the Art Academy, Music Hall, the Ensemble Theater, SCPA, the Know Theater, a scattering of galleries, the Fringe Festival and the soon-to-be remodeled Emery Theater the expanding arts will be vital in attracting the younger crowd the neighborhood needs to thrive.

Other city initiatives look promising. The streetcar is expected to bring $1.9 billion in new investments to the area, the construction of a casino at Broadway Commons will increase foot traffic and the completion of the Banks project and new Riverfront Park will provide constant draws to bring people downtown. It’s up to us to make sure OTR is put to good use.

Read the rest here.


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