Month: February 2010

Cincinnati Streetcar Buttons Available at Coffee Emporium

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Want to show your support for the Cincinnati Streetcar and support local business? Then head down to Coffee Emporium, located at 110 E. Central Parkway in Historic Over-the-Rhine, to purchase a locally roasted cup of coffee an a new Cincinnati Streetcar Button.  Available for only $0.50 and in a variety of colors, these buttons are a great way to show your support for the Cincinnati Streetcar.


Cincinnati Streetcar on Newsmakers

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Michael Moore, Director of the Department of Transportation and Engineering for the City of Cincinnati,  and Dan Hurley discuss the Cincinnati Streetcar on Newsmakers. Watch the Video Here.

Making Transit a Success

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The Urbanophile lists four important factors that help make a transit system a success:

First, there must be attractions at both ends so the fixed costs in tracks and cars can make money both ways.

The Cincinnati Streetcar has attractions at both ends of the route and in the middle.  The UC Medical Complex and Cincinnati Zoo anchor the line to the north and the Riverfront and Downtown anchor the line to the south.  In the middle there is the Gateway Quarter, the Casino, numerous arts venues, Short Vine Business District and the University of Cincinnati.  The variety of attractions along the line will provide for

Second, land use matters.

There are a variety of zoning districts along the route that allow for high density development including areas zoned Downtown Development and Urban Mixed.  The historic land use in Over-the-Rhine has been extremely dense and the streetcar can help repopulate and create jobs in this area.

Third is that quality of service matters.

Modern streetcars offer a smooth, comfortable ride and are easy to board.  A ride on a streetcar is much more pleasant than a bus.  For those who remember flying out of Concourse C, which did you prefer to ride- the electric tram or the shuttle bus connection?

Fourth, if there’s lots of free parking at the destination it’s almost always easier to drive.

With the exception of meters on the street after 5pm, there is very little if any free parking along the route, but the streetcar will allow people coming into the city from the suburbs to only park once and ride to their various destinations or to pay less to park at a garage farther away from the stadiums and save money.

The Cincinnati Streetcar is a good investment because it will create new jobs, support the investments the City has made and will continue to make in the urban core, connect our major attractions and the two largest employment centers that contain over half of the jobs in the entire City, stimulate new economic activity along the route, and enhance and accelerate existing development that is occurring in the center city—resulting in more revenues for all of Cincinnati’s 52 neighborhoods.

A Message from City Manager Milton Dohoney on the Streetcar

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I wanted you to hear from me on the news of the City’s TIGER Grant application from the US Department of Transportation for the Cincinnati Streetcar project. As you may know, we did not receive funding in this round. Let me be clear: Today’s announcement does not hurt the viability of our Streetcar project. The Mayor and I have experience in these types of federal processes, and that is why we did not put all of our eggs in one funding basket. Our resolve has not changed.

We have two other applications for the streetcar:

· Urban Circulator (Federal) – $25 million – This Grant Program is specifically for Streetcar type projects. The four streetcar projects that did receive money today are now not eligible for these funds. We believe this improves our positioning.

· TRAC Grant – Ohio (Transportation Review and Advisory Committee) – $50 million.

In fact, the Mayor and I have been invited to a Streetcar Summit in Washington DC next week to present our streetcar project at the Summit. We will meet with Members of Congress and key White House and Administrative staff about it.

Cincinnati has received positive feedback over the past year from Members of Congress and White House staff about our project and its benefits for our city.

We continue to believe that the Streetcar project is a game-changing project for Cincinnati that will lead to new businesses and job creation.

Thank you for your ongoing interest in and support of the Cincinnati Streetcar project.

Onward and Upward.