Survey: Cincinnatians Want Better Transit Options

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As part of developing a new comprehensive plan for Cincinnati, the City has been holding a series of Community Informational Meetings to receive feedback from citizens about how to make Cincinnati a better place to live and the direction in which they want to see Cincinnati move in the future.

A survey was held at the meetings in Corryville, Price Hill, College Hill, and Madisonville and could also be completed online. Below is the number one answer to each of the questions:

Question 1: “What makes a great city?”

#1 Answer: Variety of arts and cultural institutions, libraries, colleges and universities

Question 2: “What are the most pressing issues in Cincinnati?”

#1 Answer: Inadequate bus service; Lack of mass transit, rail transit

Question 3: “How do we make Cincinnati a great city?”

#1 Answer: Continue to revitalize downtown

Question 4: “If you could shape the future of the City, what one thing would you change?”

#1 Answer: Increase public transportation options (bus, streetcar, light rail, etc.)

Read the full survey results here. [Note: multiple answers could be given to each question].

Plan Cincinnati Community Information Meeting

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