Attractions Not Found Near the Portland Streetcar

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The Portland Streetcar runs from Portland’s South Waterfront (an area similar to their “Banks Project”) skirts the edge of their downtown and ends in the Pearl District (a brownfield site that sat largely vacant before the streetcar and is now bustling with activity).  There are several types of attractions that are not near the Portland Streetcar line that will be served by the Cincinnati Streetcar.  The Portland Streetcar is not within walking distance of:

  • A professional sports stadium
  • A second professional sports stadium
  • The region’s largest hospital complex
  • A Casino
  • A convention center
  • A zoo
  • Five Fortune 500 Company’s Headquarters

All of the above will be served by the Cincinnati Streetcar.  Yet, despite not serving any of these major attractions, the Portland Streetcar has been incredibly successful, has more riders per mile than their light rail system, and has spurred billions of dollars of new development in former brownfield sites.

The Cincinnati Streetcar will connect our major attractions, the University of Cincinnati and our two largest employment centers in the region, Uptown and Downtown.  It will spur and accelerate economic development and create new jobs, and it will help make Cincinnati a better place to live.  Support Cincinnati–Build the Streetcar.


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