Goals of Phase 1 of the Cincinnati Streetcar

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Listed below are some of the goals of the first phase of the Cincinnati Streetcar connecting Uptown and Downtown Cincinnati.

Improve mobility and connectivity within Downtown and Uptown Cincinnati:

  • Provide convenient access and local circulation for major employment, commercial, recreational, and cultural activity centers;
  • Provide better connectivity between neighborhoods and activity centers;
  • Provide an attractive means of transportation for residents, workers, customers, and visitors; and,
  • Improve access and opportunities for transit-dependent populations.

Support existing and proposed development in Downtown and surrounding neighborhoods in the City of Cincinnati, creating a more livable and more walkable environment:

  • Consider transit investment that supports the existing and planned built environment and which minimizes adverse impacts;
  • Consider transit investment to help shape urban form through reinvestment along selected corridors and neighborhoods;
  • Encourage neighborhood revitalization and livable and walkable communities through development of good streetscapes and pedestrian environment;
  • Link key destinations in the corridor;
  • Capture the economic benefit resulting from improved transit service and mobility in these areas; and,
  • Maximize energy efficiency of the transit operation and minimize negative impacts on historic, archaeological, traditional cultural places, parklands, and other public recreation areas.

Maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the local and regional transit system:

  • Attract new riders to the local and regional transit system by providing a convenient, frequent, reliable, and attractive streetcar transit service;
  • Integrate the planned streetcar line or lines with the overall transportation system, complementing and ensuring compatibility with the existing and planned street and roadway network and transit system;
  • Provide convenient access to the transit system using various modes and means of travel (pedestrian, bicycle, bus, automobile);
  • Develop safe, comfortable, and convenient transit facilities, including stations and stops;
  • Provide viable mobility options to encourage other forms of transportation aside from single occupancy vehicle use in the CBD and already congested roadway network; and,
  • Complement previous planning studies and planned multimodal operations.

Provide a transit investment that is affordable, in terms of capital and operating expenses, and is implemented on a fast track:

  • Select and implement the most effective streetcar starter line that is affordable and manageable while yielding significant transportation and development benefits;
  • Minimize capital costs (not design elaborate stations and systems, generally street running operation, no grade separations);
  • Develop sustainable systems which maximize revenues and minimize net operating and maintenance costs;
  • Fast track the planning and design period;
  • Leverage other public and private funding whenever possible; and,
  • Maximize public-private partnership opportunities.


One thought on “Goals of Phase 1 of the Cincinnati Streetcar

    W. K. Lis said:
    January 16, 2010 at 5:35 pm

    As a Torontoian, I would like to thank Cincinnati for selling us 52 PCC streetcars back in the 1950’s for US$750,000, in total. (Ex-Cincinnati 1150-1174 and 1100-1126.)

    Take at look at http://transit.toronto.on.ca/streetcar/4507.shtml for a short history on the Cincinnati streetcars that the TTC got. The last Cincinnati streetcar operated in Toronto in 1982.

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