Cincinnati Streetcar Will Connect Transportation Modes

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The Cincinnati Streetcar will connect with all of the major transportation modes in the central city, providing workers and visitors with easy access to parking, bus, future light rail, and 3-C passenger rail travel options.

  • Government Square Transit Facility: Completed in 2005 with the aid of federal, state and local funding partners, the Government Square transit facility is Metro’s busiest bus stop, with more than 15,000 riders per day.
  • Riverfront Transit Center: Built as part of the Ft. Washington Way reconstruction, the Riverfront Transit Center can handle up to 500 buses and 20,000 people an hour for major events such as Bengals games, Riverfest, and the Tall Stacks festival. The Transit Center was also designed to accommodate future light rail service in the region.
  • TANK: The Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky (TANK) will intersect with the Cincinnati Streetcar at Government Square, offering streetcar riders ready access to northern Kentucky bus routes.
  • 3-C Passenger Rail: the permanent Cincinnati station location for future passenger rail service has not yet been resolved, but the Cincinnati Streetcar will be proximate to the station if a riverfront site is chosen, and future streetcar extensions will connect with Cincinnati Union Terminal, if passenger trains eventually serve that facility.
  • Walkable Streets: The Cincinnati Streetcar was designed specifically to service urban neighborhoods, where walking, biking, and public transit are equally appealing and convenient. Nearly all the project area has sidewalks, which will promote the pedestrian/transit mode mix served by the streetcar service.
  • Parking Garages and Surface Lots: There are numerous parking facilities along the streetcar route, including the Banks development on the riverfront. These facilities will compliment the circulator service offered by the streetcar, as downtown workers or visitors park in convenient satellite areas, and use the streetcar to travel to business and social appointments, and special events.


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