Benefits of the Streetcar- Economy, Energy, Enviroment

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Building the Cincinnati Streetcar will help improve the quality of life in the many neighborhoods along the route and benefit the City of Cincinnati.

  • Economy– The Streetcar will lead to $1.4 billion in economic development for Cincinnati, leading to new jobs and new residents in our City.  In addition, the Streetcar will create $80 million in additional  funding for Cincinnati Public Schools which will help prepare the next generation of Cincinnatians for a successful future.
  • Energy– The Streetcar will help reduce our dependence on foreign oil.  Because the Streetcar will be run on domestically produced energy like wind, solar, nuclear, or coal, powering the Streetcar will involve investments in the United States, instead of sending our energy spending abroad to often hostile regimes.
  • Environment–  In its first year, operating the Streetcar will result in 4,300 fewer tons of CO2 being released into the atmosphere.  This number will grow to 28,068 fewer tons of CO2 per year as the system achieves full build out.  Emissions of volatile organic compounds, nitrous oxide, and hydrocarbons will be reduced as well. And by offering zero tailpipe emissions, any emissions that power the streetcar will be released from distant power generation facilities, rather than at street level–reducing exposure to children and sensitive groups like asthmatics the elderly.

Building the Streetcar will improve our economy, reduce our energy dependence, and help the environment.  Improve our City’s Quality of Life–Build the Streetcar.


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