Month: November 2009

Bobby Maly: New Jobs Ride on Passenger Rail

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From the Enquirer:

Over the short and long terms, there is nothing more important than rail transportation when considering how to create job growth in our region.

Today, talent – particularly young talent – is attracted to place before they select a job or even a career. In fact, many estimates show that two-thirds of young talent (ages 22-35) choose the place they want to live before they choose a job. Place is more important to young people today than it was for our parents and grandparents.

When you take this fact, and add it to the fact that nine of the top 10 regions most successful at attracting young talent have rail transportation options, the most critical factor is revealed: rail transportation. Young talent votes with their feet, and they are voting for (moving to) places with rail.

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Let’s Give Thanks

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On this holiday, let’s give thanks for our family and friends.

More Rail Means More Transit Riders

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This graph show the transit ridership and miles of rail in mid-sized US Cities for 2008.

As this chart clearly shows, more miles of rail leads to more transit ridership in cities of similar size to Cincinnati.  Support Increased Transit Use–Build the Streetcar.

Note: City population ranking is by 2008 MSA

Streetcar Routes are a Permanent Investment

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When Fort Washington Way was reconstructed a few years ago, a number of wayfinding maps were installed to help pedestrians navigate downtown.  The picture below shows one of those maps:

Three bus routes are shown on this map–none of them currently run the route depicted.  All three routes have changed.

If someone visiting Downtown from Lexington or Mason tried to catch one of these buses, they might stand somewhere waiting for a bus that would never arrive.  A business that opened along the line wouldn’t have the benefit of the potential customers after the route was changed.

Because it is so easy to change a bus route and it happens frequently, buses don’t attract the type of permanent investment that rail does. When the Cincinnati Streetcar is included on future wayfinding maps, you can be sure that line will be there now and in the future.

Riders can easily find the route just by following the rails in the ground.  Businesses and homeowners can make investments based on the line because it is permanent infrastructure that will be there in the future.  Support Investment in Cincinnati–Build the Streetcar.