Jeremy Mosher- Streetcar Article from Soapbox

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Cincinnati native Jeremy Mosher wrote the feature article in this week’s Soapbox on the Portland Streetcar:

Even with re-imagined urban pockets such as Fountain Square and the Gateway Quarter bringing people out into public spaces to connect more than ever, there is still a part of our local identity that is reactionary and stubbornly parochial, at the expense of a more vibrant Cincinnati. With streetcar plans connecting our most pedestrian-friendly areas, development along the route will further our ability to call ourselves a city that, block-to-block, engages its visitors and residents.  And, given the vitality of the outdoor squares that anchor neighborhoods such as Hyde Park, Oakley and Mt. Lookout, and our pride in a pervasive sense of local community, I would think that Cincinnati would warm to a more expansive “shared public experience.”  A streetcar may not be the magic bullet, but after experiencing public transit in both New York and Portland, the Cincinnati streetcar certainly seems to be an opportunity for us to start redefining our city’s core as a place that provides a shared urban experience more friendly toward businesses, residents, tourists, and the environment.

Read the rest here.


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