Cities with Streetcars and Light Rail

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From the Alliance for Regional Transit, North American cities with light rail and/or streetcars, many smaller and less-dense than Cincinnati:

Systems Now in Operation:

1) Baltimore
2) Boston
3) Buffalo
4) Calgary
5) Camden/Trenton
6) Charlotte
7) Cleveland
8.) Dallas
9) Denver
10) Edmonton
11) Houston
12) Kenosha
13) Little Rock
14) Los Angeles
15) Memphis
16) Minneapolis
17) Newark
18) New Orleans
19) Northern New Jersey
20) Philadelphia
21) Phoenix
22) Pittsburgh
23) Portland
24) Sacramento
25) St. Louis
26) Salt lake City
27) San Diego
28) San Francisco
29) San Jose
30) San Juan
31) Seattle
32) Tacoma
33) Tampa
34) Toronto

Systems under Construction:

1) Norfolk
2) Washington D.C.
3) Tucson

In case you were wondering where Kenosha was located
In case you were wondering where Kenosha was located

One thought on “Cities with Streetcars and Light Rail

    David Ben said:
    September 26, 2009 at 3:23 pm

    In addition to the North American cities listed here, there are cities all across the world that have light rail and/or streetcar systems. Streetcar opponents claiming that there is no way to know the impact transportation systems will have on our city evidently have not taken the time to study for themselves the impact these system have had all across the US, and around the world.

    If Cincinnati were the first city to come up with this new idea of rail transportation, their skepticism would be legitimate and welcomed. But we have already seen the effects in literally DOZENS of cities. The vast majority of the skepticism is baseless, unproductive, and downright ignorant when considering the amont of data that exists supporting rail transportation in its varios forms.

    Don’t outlaw choice. Vote No on 9!

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