What Other Cities are Saying about Streetcars

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Ann Arbor

“It gives a much hipper, urban feel to the city,” said City Council Member Chris Easthope.”[1]

Grand Rapids

“Wherever the track goes down becomes ground zero for massive development,” said former Grand Rapids Mayor John Logie, one of the local leaders who went to Portland to study the streetcars and their effect on that city. “But private investment ripples about four blocks away on either side of the streetcar line. So you want to go where development has yet to occur.”

“The successful cities across the United State are at the forefront of mass transit innovation,” Jeanne Englehart, president of the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce

“I found it remarkably convenient,” said Don Stypula, executive director of the Grand Valley Metropolitan Council, the regional planning agency.”I close my eyes and I can literally envision these streetcars on our streets.” [2]


There is sufficient evidence that rail can spur economic development, said Lee Alig, chairman of Mansur Real Estate Services. “The models are there, there’s no question about it. The question is can we as a community see the need for this?”[3]


Tampa’s Teco Line Streetcar System has delivered on another front: helping to spur development. Some $450 million in residential and retail space is complete along the route, most of it in the Channel District, a once-languishing maritime neighborhood. With another $450 million in development underway and $1.1 billion in the planning stages, local officials expect the district to be home to as many as 10,000 residents within the next decade.[4]


What we’ve found with streetcars, people who might not use other public transportation will ride on streetcars,” said Rick Sheridan, spokesman for the Seattle Department of Transportation. “It’s an interesting phenomenon.”[5]

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