Architect: Streetcar May Revive Stalled Project

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The Business Courier is reporting that developer and former Cincin­natian Eddie Orton has put on hold an ambitious plan to redevelop the old Christian Moerlein bottling plant in Over-the-Rhine. Wichman Gunther Architects Inc., a downtown architecture firm, drew up the redevelopment plans. From the Business Courier story:

Mark Gunther, a principal at Wichman Gunther, said Orton’s plan is still viable, especially if the proposed streetcar loop comes to fruition. It would pass the site on both Elm and Race streets and make it a place for visitors “to get off the streetcar and spend an afternoon,” he said. The concept is intended to complement Findlay Market and a planned redevelopment of Rookwood’s facade along Race. It has indoor and outside parking space for about 150 cars.

Orton had been content to “let the market come to us,” but a streetcar would instantly change the strategy, said Gunther, who added that he can’t speak for Orton.


One thought on “Architect: Streetcar May Revive Stalled Project

    Randy Simes said:
    June 5, 2009 at 10:55 am

    That’s an incredible building and needs to be restored. The streetcar does seem to make properties in the Brewery District emmensely more valuable.

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