Development in Portland

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This report, which is now a year old, details some of the development that has occurred in Portland since the streetcar alignment was selected:

The Portland Streetcar is at the heart of a new approach to shaping cities that promotes investment at the City‘s core, provides homes for people of diverse income groups and supports the urban amenities that make great cities great. Since 1997 when the original streetcar alignment was identified, properties along its length have experienced significant changes:
* $3.5 billion has been invested within two blocks of the streetcar alignment.
* 10,212 new housing units and 5.4 million square feet of office,
institutional, retail and hotel construction have been constructed within two blocks of the alignment.
* 55% of all CBD development since 1997 has occurred within 1-block of the streetcar and properties located closest to the streetcar line more closely approach the zoned density potential than properties situated farther away.
* Developers are building new residential buildings with significantly lower parking ratios than anywhere else in the region.


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