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Occasionally we get interesting letters at here is one:

Dear []-

I applaud you, the Mayor and all the people of your fine city who are supporting and open-minded about the streetcar proposal.

I wish I could financially support your efforts but my job was phased out and I am on the verge of losing my home.  Nevertheless, if circumstances change, even slightly, I promise to make a donation to what could possibly change for the better the entire area. I have seen streetcars give a major shot in the arm not just to the economy but to the spirits of citizens who never even realized what a boost a streetcar can be.

We don’t have streetcars here but whenever I am in a city that does, I never hesitate to hop on.

Good luck with what you are all aiming toward. I think when the tracks are laid and people realize it is permanent (something bus routes are not) and new businesses start opening and older busineses start sprucing up…..all the naysayers who balk now, will change their tune.

Have faith and I am certain your efforts and those of so many will be rewarded.

Bravo!!!! I can’t wait to ride the first streetcar!!

Best wishes,
Paul ________
Portsmouth, NH

Streetcar in Vienna, Courtesy Mike Governanti
Streetcar in Vienna, Courtesy Mike Governanti

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