Mayor Mallory on Soapbox

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The Mayor will be guest blogging on Soapbox Media this week.  An excerpt from his first post:

Mayor Mark Mallory
Mayor Mark Mallory

Let’s start with the topic that got some of the loudest applause at the State of the City and has also drawn some of the harshest criticism: The Cincinnati Streetcar.

In the address, I made it clear that the Streetcar is absolutely crucial to the future of Cincinnati.  Over the last few years, we have moved forward on major projects all over the city.

  • The Banks is rising out of ground.
  • The construction of the new Riverfront Park is underway.
  • We are building a new tallest skyscraper, the Great American Building at Queen City Square.
  • Over-the-Rhine is undergoing a dramatic transformation with new businesses, hundreds of new condos, a beautiful new school, and expanded park.
  • And in Uptown, we are seeing lots of new development around the University and hospitals.

The Streetcar is the project that links them all together and fuels the next round of development.

Continue reading here.

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