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Modern Streetcar in Traffic

That’s the number of residents, according to the 2000 Census, in Downtown, Over-the-Rhine and Uptown, the neighborhoods served by the streetcar line running from the Riverfront to the Zoo in Avondale. That is the about the same number of people who live in the neighborhoods of:

  1. California,
  2. Camp Washington,
  3. Carthage,
  4. Columbia-Tusculum,
  5. The East End,
  6. East Walnut Hills,
  7. English Woods,
  8. Fay Apartments,
  9. Hartwell,
  10. Kennedy Heights,
  11. Linwood,
  12. Lower Price Hill,
  13. Millvale,
  14. Mt. Adams,
  15. Mt. Lookout,
  16. North Fairmount,
  17. Queensgate,
  18. Riverside,
  19. Sayler Park,
  20. Sedamsville,
  21. South Cumminsville,
  22. South Fairmount,
  23. Spring Grove Village, and
  24. Winton Hills


2 thoughts on “62,136

    Mark Miller said:
    February 10, 2009 at 6:02 pm

    You’re going to have to explain that one. Using 2000 Census from here, I get:
    3,189 CBD-Riverfront
    7,638 Over the Rhine
    7,366 Fairview-Clifton Hts
    8,753 University Heights
    6,516 Mt. Auburn
    3,830 Corryville
    37,292 TOTAL

    And I think that’s a pretty generous estimate. Folks east of Auburn Ave in Mt. Auburn, aren’t likely to feel very connected to the streetcar, nor will 90% of Fairview.

    What else do you have in your total?

      cincystreetcar said:
      February 10, 2009 at 6:15 pm

      Avondale and Clifton are included. Portions of the West End and the East End are within walking distance of the line but they weren’t included. This assumes a 7.9 mile route to the zoo using Vine St. as the alignment.

      These numbers are almost a decade old at this point. With large new residential projects like Stetson Square, Stratford Heights, and University Park in Uptown, Downtown and the Gateway Quarter’s considerable increase in population over the last decade, the Banks which is under construction and should have several hundred new residential units by the time the the Streetcar is operational, the increase in on-campus housing at UC, and the fact the City’s population is growing as a whole it seems that the 2010 census numbers will probably be even higher.

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