Time to Build Streetcar Immediately

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As each day passes, it seems another voice comes out with their thoughts on what the proposed modern streetcar system means to them and how they see it impacting the City. On Tuesday, The News Record ran an opinion piece from Heights Community Council President Brad Hawse.

“When the end of the world comes, I want to be in Cincinnati because it’s always 20 years behind the times.” – Mark Twain

How many more years does this old adage have to hold true?

More than 40 other cities are interested in implementing modern streetcars, including our neighbors – Columbus and Indianapolis. These peer cities of Cincinnati perceive the development and investment potential that a streetcar system will bring and each is working on securing the development of a system of their own.

For once, Cincinnati is ahead of the curve and is moving quickly. Cincinnati is one of only a handful of cities that has made diligent efforts in securing funding for its route and has also passed funding through its city council.

We have a unique opportunity to change the light the nation views our great city. We have a chance to do something new, something progressive, and we, as students living in this city, need to support this changing mentality.

As students of the University of Cincinnati, many of us have come to love the Queen City. We are a city built upon potential, but in recent memory, little of that potential has been realized. We are moving ahead with projects to revitalize Over-the-Rhine, an area that has for too long cast a negative light cross the entire city.

We are building the tallest skyscraper in the city, at a time when other cities have halted construction on their most prestigious projects.

We are continuing to strengthen our neighborhoods throughout the city, which especially in Uptown new projects are changing the area for the better.

We are seemingly edging out the competition, even in these tough times, and we have the potential to get out of this tough economic mess ahead of our competition.

But will we?

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